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“I was instantly tickled and overjoyed…”

I received my first Cosmic 2×4 as a gift from someone very near and dear to me. It was sent to me as not only as a comedic reminder but a congratulations for my 1 year sobriety birthday. When I opened the box and saw the 2×4 I was instantly tickled and overjoyed and couldn’t wait to put it on display. The Cosmic 2×4 to me is not just a “piece of wood” but an idea personified, it is a tangible reminder of where I was, how far I’ve come and where I will be if I continue down the path I’m currently walking.

Thanks for the subtle reminder!

Spencer C.

“it looked even better than I had imagined…”

I was looking for an unusual meaningful gift for my son’s 23rd birthday when I can across this gift idea. The Cosmic 2×4! I was able to customize it with a personal inspirational message and I was even able to have a symbol engraved into it. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and it looked even better than I had imagined it. My son loved it!

I will definitely be shopping for more!

Melissa S.

“I was deeply touched…”

I was deeply touched when good friends gave me a Cosmic 2×4. On it was artfully engraved the Serenity Prayer which has great significance to my friends and me. I put it in a place where I see it many times a day and brings me strength and peace. I plan to order several Cosmic 2x4s for family and friends.

Tobi M.

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