How The Cosmic 2x4 Came To Be

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When my kids were in school I was blessed to be a stay at home mom, which was one of the hardest jobs I have ever had. My kids were very active in baseball, golf, football and school activities which made my car a kid taxi. The car became the best place to connect with them. I would enjoy listening to them banter, fight and give each other their sage advice. When they started going off track, that was time to use my ultimate weapon, a Cosmic 2×4!  My Cosmic 2×4 was wrapped with wisdom, experience, intuition and most of all my love. I would deploy my Cosmic 2×4 when they least expected it. Once deployed I would quietly watch in the rearview mirror the look on their faces go from, no you are wrong, I know better; to oh I didn’t think of it that way, she may be right! That is a Cosmic 2×4, helping someone see a belief from a different perspective, sometimes things they don’t want to hear but always given in a loving manner.

My kids are all grown up now and have come to expect my Cosmic 2×4 to help them along when they hit those rough spots. They have even applied it to me which at first surprised me but when I realize I’ve been hit with their Cosmic 2×4 I smile knowing that they really were listening. I often told them that when I’m gone from this earth I would leave them a physical Cosmic 2×4 to display in a prominent place in their home to remember me. Thankfully they don’t have to wait. Jack and I have created a beautiful piece of art, Cosmic 2×4, that everyone can share. So, kids the secret is out, this is just too good to keep to ourselves – Enjoy!